Bengal is known for its rich cultural background and its literary attachment. Such a rich heritage needs to be preserved over generation which most of us fail to do, but this legacy can be only carried forward with the acceptance of its essence by the millennial. With an attempt to do so, Oxford Bookstores created India’s pioneering Bangla Literary Festival titled Apeejay Bangla Sahitya Utsob (ABSU) in 2015. Originally the event started at the Oxford Bookstore, Park Street. And today it has been the 3rd year for ABSU which has been shifted to a bigger venue of the Apeejay Lawn, all thanks to the love and support for this growing endeavor.

Day 1, 3rd November 2017 was the inauguration ceremony of ABSU by Shankha Ghosh. Day 2, 4th November 2017 was the day which was scheduled to have 8 sessions. The very first session of the day was “Bangla Sahitya Quiz” conducted by Saurav Ranjan Dutta. It had first a preliminary round consisting of 8 teams of which the winning team won with a score of 185.

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